Electronic Security Systems

•  Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS)

•  Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Systems

•  Access Control Systems (ACS)

•  Data Transmission Media (DTM)

• Physical Security Systems (PSS)

•  Intercoms

•  Video Content Analysis (VCA)

• Video Management Systems

•  Security Networks

• Defense-In-Depth Technologies

• FIPS-201/HSPD12 Compliance

• NERC CIP Compliance

Components are chosen from a range of high-quality Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) products and integrated according to end-user requirements and specifications. ISS has dealership relationships with the largest security equipment and software companies in the industry to provide our customers with a wide variety of integration options.

All systems are subject to extensive quality control testing before, during and after installation. ISS also delivers complete system documentation and customized on-site training to provide your organization with the knowledge and skills necessary to operate and manage your security system.

Our experienced engineering and security professionals travel worldwide to conduct security surveys and make security recommendations. We have the resources and expertise to provide a complete solution for virtually any security application.

ISS offers a Preventative Maintenance Program (PMP) and maintains PMP contracts with numerous federal agencies. Our PMP consists of proactive measures performed on a semi-annual basis to help prevent, predict and minimize the risk of system, subsystem and component failure.

Overview of Capabilities

ISS has the resources and expertise to provide a complete solution for virtually any security application: from commercial, industrial, governmental and law enforcement facilities, to medical, academic and financial institutions. The principals of ISS have over 30 years of unprecedented experience in all facets of the security industry, making the ISS team the most comprehensive security team available.

Providing integrated electronic security solutions supporting access control, intrusion detection with CCTV alarm assessment and surveillance capabilities, infrared imagery, video content analysis and more to our customers.

Providing physical security solutions for physical security needs supporting elements such as fences and reinforced fences, crash resistant bollards, gates and reinforced gates, reinforced doors and Department of State rated burglar resistant doors, reinforced windows and window film.

Providing recommended solutions and advice on security matters taking into consideration issues like operational needs, management security requirements and security management criteria.

Defense-In-Depth Technology
ISS offers solutions for facilities subject to Department of Homeland Security initiatives for Anti-Terrorism protection, and for facilities contributing to the Smart Grid and subject to North American Electric Reliability Corporation’s (NERC) compliance requirements. This includes solutions for FIPS201/HSPD12 and NERC CIP. ISS has released a White Paper about NERC CIP and Defense-In-Depth Technolgies which as far reaching importance to industries outside the energy sector, including Ports of Entry, Corrections Institutions, Hospitals, and other facilities with critical control systems in place.


In accordance with current industrial and governmental security standards, we provide a thorough and complete design analysis. Our analysis identifies critical assets, vulnerabilities and includes recommendations for security improvements. Our design/build team engineers the security system optimal for your needs.

The ISS training philosophy is based on providing your company with the knowledge and skills necessary to operate and manage your security system. Our educators have the advantage of field experience as well as certification in their areas of expertise. We provide standard and customized training courses to meet our customer's needs.

With sharp attention to detail and over 25 years of field experience, the ISS professionals work to install accurate and reliable systems. We specialize in integrating access control, intrusion detection, CCTV, communication media, lighting, and physical security subsystems into a complete integrated system that protects your valuable assets. With a perfect safety record, ISS is committed to bringing stability and quality to every job site.

ISS provides a full scope of services and equipment necessary for preventative and emergency maintenance according to your needs. When performing scheduled or emergency maintenance, ISS works to minimize impact on all facility operations.


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